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This will be our 5th year at Culver Club and each year we thought, next season could never be as good as the present, but the following season was even better. From Coach Casey ,to Eriko, to Jesse, to Alex and now Raul, its been a great learning experience not to mention fun!  As a parent it was incredible to see the transformation in skill level that took place from the beginning of a season, to the end of it. 

My daughter Annie will be attending UCLA in the fall and she will be first to say that what she learned about team work, discipline and perseverance from her years at Culver Club, played a significant factor in her being accepted to UCLA. As a parent, I have been extremely pleased with the care and concern the coaching and management staff has had for my child.


The Club focused on building character and getting each player to reach their individual maximum potential while providing a safe, fun and social experience that produces memories and skills that last a lifetime. We will miss the program tremendously but will always be grateful for the incredible experience.


Jay Coury

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